Selected Projects



Langstaff Text & Consulting was engaged to deliver writing and project management support to a small team of market researchers seeking to self-publish a book about their work. Amy Langstaff played a substantial ghostwriting role, writing original text based on the authors' data and insights; she also adapted and wove together the authors' existing writing and presentations. Langstaff Text & Consulting helped to ensure an impressive final product by assembling a talented group of professionals to deliver excellent design, copy editing, data visualization, indexing, and printing services. The authors continue to use the book as a showcase of their expertise and as a calling card with substance.

Organizational History

A nonprofit organization was preparing to disband after the loss of a critical funder. Many partners and supporters across Canada had contributed to the organization’s work over a number of years. Langstaff Text & Consulting was engaged to research and write a history of the organization’s founding and work, and an account of its impact. Based on interviews with over two dozen staff, funders, partners, and board members across the country, Amy Langstaff crafted a story that described the field prior to the organization’s founding, and went on to trace the organization’s impact over time. The story captured concrete achievements and also traced less tangible changes, such as how the organization strengthened networks and shifted conversations in its field. Part of the organization’s mission was to foster a community of practice that spanned the country, so its stakeholders were diverse and dispersed. The Langstaff Text & Consulting story offered a multi-vocal but coherent account of how they came together and what they achieved; the organization's story might otherwise have remained fragmented and difficult to access. Some participants in the process remarked that reading the story helped to transform their sense of frustration about the loss of the organization into a sense of momentum and opportunity.  

Knowledge-Mobilization Tool



A group of researchers and practitioners had pioneered an effective approach to supporting children with serious mental health issues as they re-entered their community schools after prolonged absences for psychiatric treatment. The team engaged Langstaff Text & Consulting to help them structure and refine a manual aimed at sharing insights and best practices from the program with school staff, social workers, and families. Amy Langstaff worked to maximize the usefulness and simplicity of the manual, collaborating with the clients to ensure that the content was structured in a way that was accessible to potential user groups. She also worked with the core team to find ways for the manual to address possible barriers to the adoption of the best practices the team had identified. The document was well received by users, and was helpful to the core team’s efforts to secure additional funding to sustain and disseminate the program.

Strategic Plan


A large nonprofit engaged Langstaff Text & Consulting to support a year-long strategic planning process. Working alongside the management  consultancy engaged to facilitate the process, Amy Langstaff acted as a knowledge wrangler, synthesizing relevant research; presenting evidence about the priorities and perspectives of various stakeholder groups; and producing reflective documents to help members of the strategic planning task force assess their progress, take stock of their decisions, and chart the work ahead.  At the conclusion of the planning process, Langstaff Text & Consulting helped to develop customized documents for a range of internal audiences, to articulate the implications of the new strategic plan for different parts of the organization.

Fundraising Document

An arts institution was seeking support for the construction of an inviting new physical space, as well as a diverse slate of community programs to animate that space. The organization's development team engaged Langstaff Text & Consulting to produce a leave-behind document for potential donors. The document needed to express the organization's vision for the life of the new space and marshal evidence of its projected community impact. It also had to offer a window onto the diverse experiences of existing program participants and how their experiences would be enhanced if the institution's vision were realized. The document proved to be a successful tool. Not only did it help to attract support for the project it described, but it outlasted the specific campaign for which it was designed and remained in use for several years as an encapsulation of the institution's perspective and work on community outreach.

Founded in 2007, Langstaff Text & Consulting has produced a wide range of communications materials for businesses and nonprofits, including annual reports, white papers, brochures, project proposals, speeches, op-eds, and web content.