Clients & Endorsements

“My books rely on extensive data gathering and analysis, so they are collaborative efforts involving Environics researchers, analytics experts, industry specialists, and other colleagues. Amy Langstaff works extremely well as part of these teams; she integrates complex information and diverse perspectives into lucid writing that suggests a seamless authorial voice.”

-- Michael Adams, President, Environics Group of Companies

“Amy Langstaff has worked very successfully with our YMCA at the strategic level. She has helped us gather insight through interviews with key players including board members and senior leaders, and has synthesized her findings into thoughtful reports and presentations that have been highly useful to me and my team. After working with Amy, more than one colleague has approached me to express their satisfaction with the process and results.”

-- Scott Haldane, President & CEO, YMCA Canada

"We’ve worked with Amy Langstaff numerous times over the past few years, with a broad range of clients. She’s the perfect creative partner – astute listening skills and highly collaborative. Amy has the kind of natural editorial intelligence that can parse dense information into highly digestible, reader-friendly morsels. She always finds the narrative heart in even the most complex content."

-- Jeannette Hanna, Vice President, Trajectory

"Amy Langstaff was a pleasure to work with. She was able to synthesize input from sources across our organization to produce a coherent and compelling narrative that articulated the project vision and the lasting impact our donors would have.”

-- Jane Hilton, Senior Development Manager, Philanthropy and Major Gifts, Art Gallery of Ontario

"Amy Langstaff is a trusted professional collaborator of the Foundation. We count on her for clear communication and strategic insight. She has produced a range of important documents for the Foundation, including landscape scans, issue briefs, and reflective papers. She’s well read, a quick study, and a rigorous thinker.”

-- Patricia Thompson, Director, Social Impact, Atkinson Foundation